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Global KAIZEN™ Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought up unprecedented challenges to governments, businesses and individuals alike. Worldwide responses have seen remarkable cross-industry collaboration, fast and agile innovation and a truthful global social conscience.
To leverage COVID-19 as a catalyst for positive change and to build back a better world, we invite you to join us on June 25th on a virtual global KAIZEN™ fundraising conference. You will have the opportunity to listen to worldwide KAIZEN™ experts such as Art Byrne, Bob Emiliani, Euclides Coimbra and the economist Ola Grytten while contributing to the UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

Be part of a Global Aid Movement

The United Nations COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund is a UN inter-agency fund mechanism established by the UN Secretary-General to help support low- and middle-income countries overcome the health and development crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and support those most vulnerable to deliver economic and social disruption.
The Fund contributes to financing the three objectives of the UN Secretary General’s Call for Solidarity: (1) “Tackle the health emergency; (2) Focus on the social impact, and the economic response of the recovery; and (3) Help countries recover better.”

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Our Speakers

Arthur Byrne

Retired CEO of The Wiremold Company

Bob Emiliani

Lean Practitioner Professor at Central Connecticut State University

Euclides Coimbra

Managing Partner at Kaizen Institute Western Europe

Ola Grytten

Professor Dr Oecon NHH, Special Adviser Norges Bank and Section Editor at Problems and Perspectives in Management


17:00 Welcome and Opening
00:00 Risa Imai Cox, Managing Director, Kaizen Global Enterprises

17:10 Macro economical global outlooks based on the pandemic effect
00:00 Ola Grytten, Professor and Special Adviser, NHH and Norges Bank

17:25 KAIZEN™ in a Build Back Better perspective
00:00 Art Byrne, Retired CEO of The Wiremold Company

17:40 Musical Performance
00:00 artist Helene

17:50 COVID-19 A Catalyst for Change
00:00 Bob Emiliani, Professor and Author, Central Connecticut State University

18:05 Rebuild, Reimagine, Reinvent, The KAIZEN™ Strategy for Recovery
00:00  Euclides Coimbra, Managing Partner, Kaizen Institute Western Europe

18:20 How businesses can leverage on COVID-19 as a catalyst for change
00:00 Panel Discussion led by Risa Imai Cox

18:55 Closing, Risa Imai Cox

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